Beyond the tourist hotspots,

dozens of unexplored villages await…

Hidden Gems of the Cotswolds

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After years of documenting our exploration of Cotswold hotspots like Bourton on the Water, Burford and Broadway, we realised that many more beautiful villages were hidden amongst the valleys and vales of the Cotswolds.

These villages were just as beautiful as their widely popular tourist counterparts, but almost completely unheard of – so we decided to tell their story and explore the history, heritage and culture behind them. The result, our series Hidden Gems – exploring tiny medieval churches, ruined abbeys, historical artefacts and tales of a bygone era.

Starting in 2021, the series travels from the forgotten villages of Stanton and Stanway in the north, right down to the likes of Chedworth and Ablington, and includes many places hidden in plain sight, too.